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Where Can I Buy a Sex Machine?

by Tracy May 08 Jun 2023

So you're interested in purchasing a sex machine but aren't sure where to start looking or available options. Sex machines, also known as fucking machines, provide automated thrusting for hands-free stimulation and penetration. They come in a variety of styles for solo or partner play. However, these devices are considered “sexual enrichment tools” and can be tricky to find at mainstream retailers. 

Online Sex Toy Stores

Some of the best places to find high-quality sex machines are online sex toy stores and marketplaces. Retailers like Lovehoney, PinkCherry, and EdenFantasys have a large selection of masturbators, dildos and other adult toys, including motorized sex machines. These stores offer brands like KTM, SexFlesh, Vibepad and more. You'll find options ranging from a few hundred dollars up to several thousand for fully customizable premium sex machines. The benefit of these sites is their discreet shipping and billing. 

Brand Websites

Many popular sex machine brands like Motorbunny, Sybian, Bevibo and Hismith also sell their products directly through their own websites. This allows you to buy directly from the manufacturer or distributor. You may find lower prices or exclusive offers and package deals here that are not available through third-party retailers. You can also get product support directly. The only downside is that without third-party reviews on other sites, it can be harder to compare options.

Specialty Sex Tech Sites 

For those wanting the latest in high-tech sex devices, sites like Comingle, Lovense, and Vibratissimo focus specifically on teledildonics and interactive sex tech products. Sex machines with options like virtual reality syncing, haptic feedback, and remote control via smartphone apps can be found here. However, products on these niche sites tend to come at a premium given their innovative nature. They also may have a higher learning curve.  

In-Person Retailers

A few brick-and-mortar sex toy shops like Good Vibrations (USA), Venus Envy (Canada), and SH! Women's Erotic Emporium (UK) stock certain brand name sex machines on location or can specially order them for interested customers. Call your nearest location to inquire about their selection and pricing. The ability to see and test the machine in person is useful but retail pricing may be slightly higher, and options more limited based on available store stock.  

In summary, while buying a sex machine is not as simple as visiting your neighborhood big box store, there are trusted specialty retailers and manufacturers able to meet your needs through discreet online ordering or possibly in select high-end sex toy shops. With some searching, you'll find your perfect match and a whole new world of bedroom adventures. Let the thrill of the chase begin! 

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